Lawson+Partners is a multidisciplinary consulting company providing services in the areas of brand identity, product design and digital marketing transformation. Our model brings together the strategic capability of a management consultancy, with the creativity of an advertising agency and the approach to innovation of a technology company.




Our definition of creativity is solving problems in a way that creates the maximum amount of impact with the minimum amount of resources.





"Then I’d say focus on signal over noise. A lot of companies get confused, they spend money on things that don't actually make the product better. So for example, at Tesla we've never spent any money on advertising. We put all the money into R+D, and manufacturing and design to try to make the car as good as possible."

Elon Musk


10x not 10%

"Here is the surprising truth — it’s often easier to make something 10 times better than 10 percent better. Because when you try to make things 10 percent better, you are building on top of a solution that people have already spent a lot of time thinking about. But when you aim for a 10x gain, you lean instead on bravery and creativity. And that, counter-intuitively, makes the hardest things much easier to accomplish than you might think."

Astro Teller


Leverage points

"You’re working in a global economy worth tens of trillions of dollars, so any philanthropic effort is relatively small. If you want to have a big impact, you need a leverage point—a way to put in a dollar of funding and benefit society by a hundred or a thousand times as much."

Bill Gates




We build on-demand teams from a network of the best business strategists, brand strategists, digital strategists, product managers, graphic designers, UX designers, UI designers, environment designers, researchers, writers, copywriters, screenwriters, creative directors, art directors, producers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, social media influencers, software developers, data analysts and content creators in the world.





Inspiring athletes to play more. Strategy and prototyping of the Nike Soccer App.



From transactions to relationships. Designing PayPal's future product vision.



Presenting a better way to present. Helping Prezi discover its purpose.


New Relic

From selling software to solving problems. Rethinking marketing for New Relic.



Recruiting vets to train n00bs. Propagation planning for Call of Duty Modern Warfare.



A tale of two giants. Backstory creation for a new mobile game by Icejam.




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